Open Level 40+

Kathryn Jolley
Sri Yantra Yoga Studio (location map)
Wednesday, 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
07/03/19 - 08/28/19 (9 weeks)

Our Wednesday 6pm Open Level class is especially inviting to students over age 40, although all ages are welcome.  Kathryn is a long time practitioner of yoga, and brings many years of life experience to her classes.  Our bodies may not want to do everything we did in our 20's, but we continue to grow as humans.  The later years can be the most joyful, exceptional and rewarding.  Clear the mind, strengthen the body, improve balance & flexibility.  Instructive classes focusing on a variety of hatha yoga poses, energizing flows, breath and relaxation techniques.  Open to all levels, including beginners.  Classes are geared toward the level of the individual students.  Holistic and enriching classes lasting 1hr and 15min.