Celebrate Sri Yantra Yoga studio's 20th Anniversary with an evening of heart opening with Kirtan - yogic music and chanting. Kirtan has been popular in India for 5000 years. This beautiful chanting & singing comes from the Bhakti Yoga tradition, the yoga of devotion and love. The energy of the chanting can uplift our spirit, open our hearts, and connect us deeply to the center of our being. Many experience a state of bliss as the mind quiets, we open to the vibration of the music, and let the spirit soar. All are welcome to listen and/or sing along. No musical experience is necessary to join in the singing.  We'll finish up with a short seated meditation.  Kids are welcome with an adult, and may wish to take a break in the hallway during quiet times.

Patti "Sangita" Spadaro is a professional guitarist/singer/songwriter & a yoga/meditation teacher. She's released several CDs and has performed across the country. Married couple and long time yogis/teachers//kirtan musicians Ven and Veena Kelly have been leading kirtan for 15 years.

Together, this group of musical yogis radiates wonderful good vibes! Stay for snacks and social time afterward.  Help us plan our special day by registering in advance:
Sat 4/21/18, 7pm-8:30pm  $10 Adults  (Kids: suggested donation $5).  

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