Sri Yantra Yoga

Aug 16, 2014
Finding Calm in a Busy Life

Visiting senior yogis lead this special half-day mini- retreat.   Learn to Find Calm in the Midst of a Busy Life.  Please see our Events Page for info.  Register by 8/10 and save $10!

Summer Special

Purchase a 10 Class Card, good for any 10 classes now through Aug 31st, for only $99.   

Upcoming Special Events

Aug 15th, Vedic Astrology sessions by appointment with visiting teacher Lakshman.  Visit our Events page for info.   

Teens welcome

Teens receive $10 discount on class cards.  Enter the code TEEN when registering online.  


We’ve been here since 1998 teaching holistic Hatha yoga in a happy and calming atmosphere; safely introducing students to the immediate benefits of yoga.

Anyone and everyone can practice Yoga! Sri Yantra Yoga studio enjoys a great reputation teaching new students as well as retaining a strong group of long-timers. 

What sets us apart

  • Supportive, nourishing and enriching atmosphere 
  • Small teacher-to-student ratio  
  • Authentic & holistic yoga experience 
  • Our teachers come from a living Yoga lineage: master yogis passing down their teachings through the generations
  • Yoga classes for all levels and every body!  
  • Special programs including drum circles, meditation classes, music events, kirtan, and more
  • Special guests and workshops designed for holistic wellness of mind/body/spirit
  • A true sense of community
  • Family owned and operated


Beginners and experienced students alike can gain great benefit from yoga.  The physical poses increase strength, create flexibility and restore balance.  Learning to breathe correctly and relax consciously also makes a huge difference in how one works with stress, experiences happiness and enjoys relationships.  Our meditation classes help clear the mind, let go of tension, and connect to a deep state of joy within.  We encourage you to learn to be in the present moment, as this is an awareness-based practice that can deeply rejuvenate, restore and energize your whole being.

Our name, 'Sri Yantra Yoga' is symbolic of the expansive, universal quality of the Yogic tradition, representing highest union.



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